Muriya: The Developer

With ten years of solid presence, Muriya, Oman’s largest and most diversified private real estate and tourism developer is committed to contributing to the development of the Sultanate. Through a successful partnership between the internationally acclaimed builder of fully-integrated towns, Orascom Development Holding (ODH) and Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN), the leading government arm for tourism development in Oman, Muriya to date has invested $650 million. Our contributions include 1000 operating hotel rooms in 5 years, 420,000 hotel guest nights in 2017, 100s of homeowners and creating 1000s of direct and indirect jobs.

The Partners

Muriya is a joint enterprise between two internationally acclaimed builders of fully-integrated towns: Orascom Development Holding and Omani master developer Omran.


Orascom Development Holding (ODH), 70% shareholders in Muriya, bring with them more than 25 years of experience in developing destinations and towns in the Middle East and Europe. Building from the ground up, ODH creates unique sustainable developments in prime locations that embody a holistic approach to life. Their geographical aims are unconventional and their undertakings are creatively inspired. Working to combine value with quality, ODH’s projects are long term, they are culturally sympathetic and they are well-integrated with the wider community. Not simply a developer, ODH is a community creator.


Local expertise and support comes from 30% shareholders, Omran. Omran drives the investment, growth and development of the rapidly growing tourism and property sector in the Sultanate of Oman. The master developer behind major tourism, heritage and urban developments in Oman, it has delivered some of nation’s most iconic projects, creating new destinations and experiences that benefit the social and economic growth of the Sultanate, with core philosophies of integrity, transparency and collaboration. Established by government mandate in 2005 in line with the aim of strengthening and diversifying Oman’s economy, Omran has a proven track record of delivering tourism and related projects to a world-class standard, partnering with renowned regional and international investors.

Mission, Vision and Values


To contribute meaningfully to Oman’s economic development, ensuring long-term value for tourism, real estate and leisure, while empowering the local community to thrive and prosper.


We strive to develop communities within premium developments that foster tourism across Oman as well as deliver engaging and positive experiences for our clients and partners.


These values are integral to our ethos:
Be authentic
Be ambitious
Be determined
Be proactive
Be inspiring

Ahmed Dabbous, CEO

From our CEO

Adding value; that is what Muriya is about. As the largest touristic developer in Oman, our uniqueness lies in developing fully assimilated projects that organically evolve into fully-fledged, sustainable towns. Our communities are integrated, centred around well-being, supporting local businesses and bringing people together.

As a company, we invest long-term in our projects and in Oman. Stable and beautiful, this is a country with endless potential. Here, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said and his government truly support intelligent and sustainable development projects like ours, investing continuously in the country's infrastructure and tourism offerings. Because Muriya focuses on the long term, any investment with Muriya, whether in property or in our projects' wider opportunities, is also a long term, appreciating one; as each addition and evolution in the project brings more value.

Value in our developments goes much deeper than just the investments however. The very nature of our projects means that we create an incredible amount of job opportunities and truly support the growth of local SMEs. In each of our projects, we have seen inspirational SME success stories; there are unlimited opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs to build prosperous businesses. Our people are at the heart of what we do and Muriya is one of the leading incubators of SMEs in Oman, something we are particularly proud of.

Our aim will always be to build sustainable and thriving towns that balance fantastic returns for our stakeholders with worthwhile contributions to the local economy, society and environments. We look forward to welcoming you to our projects in Oman so we can show you just what makes Muriya's developments so special.



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