The CSR and environmental policies at Muriya run through each project, directly enhancing the quality of living for both the resident and surrounding communities. Our CSR programme is built around and guided by three pillars – Maharati, Mahali and Musharakati.

Our goal is to provide excellent returns to our stakeholders while at the same time contributing in worthwhile ways to the local economy, society and environments, with the aim of bringing long lasting prosperity to the region. From beach clean ups and charity support to community carnivals and fishing competitions, our CSR initiatives are not only about giving back and supporting positive changes, but also about bringing people together to support local communities and businesses.


Muriya continually supports SMEs in creating strong and stable businesses in our communities. Across Hawana Salalah and Jebel Sifah, close to 1,000 people are employed and there are unlimited opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs to establish thriving businesses. Just a few examples for SMEs we have supported are Around the Ocean and Salma's Chocolates in Hawana Salalah, as well as Marassi Al Jissah and Seas Champions in Jebel Sifah.


Muriya’s projects entail a strong environmental focus. Our marina basin build strategy ensures that marine life is completely unaffected by development, while buildings use renewable energy technology in everything from the walls to the windows. We reuse waste water and treated grey water for landscaping, gardens and golf greens and we conscientiously recycle and reuse.



Our CSR programme is built around and guided by three pillars – Maharati, Mahali and Musharakati.


Maharati focuses on empowering the local community through capacity building, delivering a variety of specialised and targeted training courses and workshops.


Mahali celebrates local produce and as a result local food, art and handicrafts, and products are always the first choice for our developments.


Musharakati guides our contribution to the well-being of local communities – social activities, environmental initiatives and the provision of community services and amenities such as souks and mosques.


Muriya, in collaboration with the Omani Women Association Muscat (OWA), opened a first-of-its kind community centre to enable and empower the people of Sifah. The facility delivers various development programmes, offering a number of hands-on information technology, vocational and business training courses that will boost employability, entrepreneurial drive and income generation. Additionally, the centre hosts social and cultural events, as well as an 'Open Market' to sell local products, handicrafts and organic food.


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